advantages of Haki virtual showroom events

Haki: The best event software platform Offers Virtual TradeFair, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual conference, Virtual Meet & Virtual Expo solutions.


Unlimited reach

The scope of an online event is exponentially greater than in face-to-face events. The use ofHaki allows the participation of countless users to a virtual event quickly and easily.


Cost savings and optimizationlogistics

A virtual event is much cheaper than a face-to-face event. No need to plan orbuild physical sites, or produce printed informational material, and neither staff nor participants need accommodation or traveladditional.

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Interaction with participants

For the exchange with the participants to the events, there are various communication tools:

  • Group and individual chats
  • Video-Chat individual or collective
  • Online Surveys
  • Question and answer rounds
  • Gamification


Fully customizable for yourbrand

Customizable to the image of each event. We adapt each event, graphic pieces, facades,stands and virtual rooms according to the look & feel and brand of the event.

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Support in digital marketing andsales

Our digital marketing team will help you with everything you need to promoteyour virtual event, from the design, creation and SEO optimization of the event landing page, strategy and promotion in social networks, search engines,media campaigns, mailing and much more.

Analytics & Performance

What is not measured does not exist. Haki provides a real-time dashboard in addition to analytical reports and valuable data on the performance of the event to the organizers to be able to work on remarketing, upselling or crosselling strategies, among others.


Easy, fast and intuitive

Haki offers a perfect virtual experience for any event. It is a platform 100% flexible, customizable and scalable. In addition, all visitors to the web can see the (public) events that are happening in Haki and attend.


Universal access from anywheredevice

Visitors to a virtual Haki event have one click access to virtual roomsvia your smartphone, computer or tablet. The events are adapted to the format in which they are consumed.

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24/7 support on a global scale

We are where you are and we speak your language. With experience of events in more than 20 countries, we know the importance of unlimited hours of support. Our team is in America, Europe and Asia, offering our service 24 hours.


e-Commerce and Online Payment

Not only can a complete product sample be offered, but Haki offers the possibility to promoteonline sales with an integrated e-commerce platform and execute the payment via different methods.



Haki allows interaction in the event: by visiting stands, brands, by ordering online, by participating in interactive sessions, attendees accumulate points that can be redeemed for prizes and great surprises.


Cybersecurity and stability

We build a secure technological environment for our virtual events, which guarantees the stability of the platform as well as the security and protection of data.

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